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Special Additives

Tank Treatments

Although all of our home heating oil is treated with special additives so it will burn with greater efficiency, it is still necessary to treat your home heating oil with additional additives under certain conditions:

"Summer" Additive

We recommend an annual additive to treat the inside of your heating oil tank. This special treatment will help break up and prevent the build up of naturally occurring sludge and sediment within your tank. Just as tanks that are exposed to extreme cold in the winter, tanks that are exposed to extreme heat are more likely to develop issues and will likely need treatment to prevent filters from clogging.

Please contact the service department if you have questions or concerns.

Winter Anti-Gel Additive

Winter Anti-Gel Additive

If your oil tank is located outdoors or in a poorly insulated location like your garage, it is very important that you enroll in our Anti-Gel additive program for the winter.

When the oil in your tank gets below 20 degrees, small paraffin crystals start to form. These paraffin crystals can cause oil filters to plug, resulting in "no heat" emergencies. If you're without heat on a cold day, your home's pipes can freeze in just a few minutes. The cost to repair broken pipes and the resulting water damage can be very expensive. Moreover, service work related to "thawing" an oil tank or frozen pipes is not covered by your service contract.

We strongly urge you to enroll in our Anti-Gel additive program. Under this program, every time we make an oil delivery during the winter months, we will include an anti-gel additive that is specially formulated for exterior oil tanks. It helps prevent paraffin crystals from forming and improves the cold-flow characteristics of the oil.