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Oil Additives

When you receive a delivery of heating oil from Standard Oil, you are actually getting something more. After we receive a shipment of oil from our suppliers, we blend in special additives that help your system run more efficiently and dependably. Don't search for the cheapest heating oil in CT, instead use the best heating oil and save.

Better Heating Oil

  • Prevents sediment build up in your oil tank.
  • Burns with greater efficiency – it lasts longer and saves you money.
  • Improved dependability.

Standard Oil wants to help ensure that your oil heating equipment provides you with uninterrupted comfort, so the additives we use help prevent he build up of sediment in your fuel tank. Sediment and sludge are the "prime suspects" when it comes to heating system breakdowns.

All Heating Oil Is Not the Same

Our heating oil burns with greater efficiency, which means you get more "mileage" out of each gallon, adding up to more money in your pocket. We know oil prices are a real concern to you and, while we cannot control the forces that cause oil prices in Connecticut to fluctuate, we can take steps to make sure that you get maximum value out of every drop of heating oil that you buy.

There are many reasons why Standard Oil was voted best oil company in Connecticut. The heating oil we provide is top quality. If there is something we can do to give you added value and prevent problems, we think it is worth doing. That's the kind of service you can always expect from Standard Oil.

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