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Energy Saving Tips

What you can do to lower your energy bill

These conservation tips are easy to implement and can help improve consumption and oil burning efficiency.

Install a Programmable Thermostat – An automatic or "setback" thermostat can be preprogrammed to turn down the heat when you're away or asleep and boost the temperature up to a comfortable level when you need it.

Check Heating Ducts – Make sure there are no leaks in your heating ducts. Over the years the ducts can become torn or flattened. If you patch them with duct tape, make sure you check any previously patched areas; old duct tape will become dry and brittle and fall away.

Close the Damper – If you have a fireplace, remember to close the damper after each use. Leaving the damper open creates a large draft that literally sucks heat out of your home.

Reverse Ceiling Fans – Reverse the switch on your ceiling fans. Since heat naturally rises, reversing the direction of the fan causes cooler air to move upward and force heat back down into the room.

Install a Whole-House Fan – This single fan can dramatically increase the flow of air through your home and make warm days without A/C much more comfortable.