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Generator Installation in Connecticut

In these uncertain times, an emergency backup generator installed by Standard Oil can ensure your family is safe and comfortable when the power goes out.

Home generator installation provides convenience and peace of mind

Unfortunately, it's not until we lose power that many of us realize just how badly we need it. Refrigeration to prevent food spoilage. Hot water for bathing. Heat and A/C to be safe and comfortable. And at some point, power for a TV to keep the kids from creating an even bigger disaster.

Standard has chosen to partner with Briggs & Stratton for a number of reasons—most notably their dependability and 10 year warranty. We continue to offer Generac and Honeywell generator service to our customers, as well as propane tanks and fuel delivery to keep your generator ready for the next power outage. As a customer of Standard, your new generator will also come with 24/7 customer care.

Fuel to power your generator

If you have home heating oil in your home, it is possible to run a diesel generator and use the heating oil as a source of fuel. However, losing power for any extended period in the winter months could be too much of a strain on your fuel reserve. Whenever possible, we recommend a propane generator. Along with having a dedicated fuel source, they run quieter and require less maintenance and have far less exhaust odor.

Special features available - Text and Email Alerts

  • Get specific, accurate data on the status of your generator
  • Select which notifications you wish to receive and when
  • Opt to send maintenance alerts to Standard so that we can provide prompt support