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Since 1913, Standard Oil has been committed to providing it’s customers with the best heating products and services. Our focus is on providing the fastest, most expert service to our customers-whether day or night.

A Real, Live Standard Oil Employee Will Answer Your Call - Day Or Night.
Our offices are staffed 24 hours a day with trained Standard Oil dispatchers. You will always get a straight answer and you'll never get an answering machine.
Over 50 Service Technicians Means You Get Emergency Service Quickly - Typically In Under 2 Hours.
Since we have over 50 licensed service technicians, we usually have someone right in your neighborhood who can respond to your call promptly. Last winter, we responded to the average emergency call in under 2 hours.
Our Technician Work Around-The-Clock In Winter, So You Get Great Service - Even At 2:00 O'clock In The Morning.
During the winter, we are the only oil company in the area to have 3 shifts of technicians that work around the clock. So if you have a heating emergency in the middle of the night, we have a serviceman in his van with the engine running - ready to get to your call. We're not “on-call”, we're “on-the-job”!
Our Technicians: Carefully Trained And Fully Screened.
Even our experienced technicians receive up to 80 hours of classroom training on new equipment and repair techniques every year. We train newcomers to measure up to the same exacting standard in our own Apprenticeship Program where trainees receive over a hundred hours of classroom training and 2000 hours of on-the-job training. And no one gets hired until they pass extensive driving, reference and crim- inal background checks. Only after we are sure an employee is trustworthy do we send them to a cus- tomer's home.
Advanced Computerized Scheduling And Dispatching.
Nothing is more irritating than when a service provider is late - or does not show up at all! That's why we use state-of-the-art dispatching systems to make sure service technicians are dispatched efficiently and so that no appointment gets missed.
A Mobile Computer In Every Service Van.
Would you go to a doctor who did not keep your medical history? Our service vans are equipped with state-of-the-art mobile computers so our service technicians can access your service history - before they walk in the door.
Expert Advice When You Need It.
We have 5 expert technicians on staff in our offices who are available to answer any technical questions you may have.

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50 Oil Trucks Ready To Serve You.
With a fleet of over 50 oil vehicles, we always have the capacity to deliver. Even on the coldest days of winter.

Our Trucks: Newer, Cleaner, Better, And Safer.
If you see our trucks on the road, you'll notice they are newer than almost any other oil trucks. Afleet of modern oil trucks means we can deliver oil more reliably, more effi- ciently, and more safely.
The Most Advanced Computerized Oil Delivery System.
To enhance efficiency, our oil deliveries are routed using advanced transportation algorithms. The computer system then sends paper- less oil delivery tickets to our oil trucks over the wireless internet. Every oil truck has a wireless computer that gives our drivers advanced mapping, routing, and inventory management tools to maximize their effectiveness. By delivering on time and by driving fewer miles, we improve customer service and reduce pollution.
Our Special Oil Additives Means More Efficient Combustion And Fewer Service Problems For You.
Over time, condensation and bacteria in your oil tank can create sediment which can cause service problems. Our additives help prevent sediment formation and help extend the life of your oil tank. Our additives also help the oil burn more cleanly. That means fewer service problems and greater fuel efficiency.
20 Million Gallons Of Oil Under Contract Means A More Secure Supply.
Every year, we contract with major oil suppliers for over 20 million gallons of heating oil. Unlike companies that buy oil without contracts on a spot basis, we are assured of sup- plies even if there is an oil shortage.
Trusted By Connecticut Cities And Towns.
Major cities and towns in Connecticut contract with Standard Oil to keep their town hall heated, their schools open and their buses running. Shouldn't you trust Standard Oil too?

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FREE Lifetime Parts And Labor
Warranty On Smith Boilers.
Most boilers come with a “limited” warranty, which means the man- ufacturer will cover the cost of the part, but not the labor to replace that part. When we install a Smith boiler for you, we will cover all the parts and labor for as long as you own your home. That's real peace of mind.
Save $650 AYear With Our
Toyotomi Water Heaters.
Heating water with electricity is very expensive. With the new electric rates, the average family will spend over $900 with an electric water heater. The super-efficient Toyotomi water heater makes hot water on demand, and will only cost about $250 a year to operate.
We Install American Standard - America's Leading Air Conditioning System.
American Standard equipment is superbly engineered and built to last. Ask about our free extended warranty on new American Standard equipment.

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Highly Trained Technicians.
Many of our ace heating system technicians are also thoroughly trained and state certified to handle your air conditioning needs.
Advanced Computerized Diagnostics Keep Your
System At Peak Efficiency.
With today's air conditioning systems, you really need advanced diagnostic instruments to make sure your air conditioning system is running properly. That's why our technicians come equipped with state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic tools from Honeywell.
Our Air Conditioning Service Plan Assures You Of Savings And Priority Service.
Our Air Conditioning Service Plangives you preventive maintenance, a 15% discount on air conditioning repairs, and go-to-the-front-of-the-line priority service.

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