Comprehensive Backgrounds Checks
On All Field Personnel.
Surprising as it might seem, most oil companies do not carefully screen their new hires. Very few do comprehensive background checks because these checks are expensive.We perform rigorous background checks on every service technician and oil driver we hire.

Before a new employee is hired, the applicant must pass both skill and aptitude tests. We then run thorough credit, driving, reference and criminal background checks. Only after we are sure the employee is trustworthy do we send them to a customer's home.
Training, Training and More Training.
Standard Oil employs over 50 licensed service technicians each with an average of over 16 years experience. Our experience mechanics receive up to 80 hours of classroom training on new equipment and repair techniques each year. We train newcomers to measure up to the same exacting standard in our own Apprenticeship Program where trainees receive over a hundred hours of classroom training and 2000 hours of on-the-job training.
A Modern Fleet Of Oil Trucks Mean
We Deliver More Safely.
As a truck gets older, more components are likely to break. Some of these components, when broken, can cause leaks or property damage. Anewer oil truck is a safer oil truck - it's that simple. All our oil trucks also come equipped with back-up cameras, so our oil drivers can always see behind them when they are backing up.
Our Own Repair Facility Means That Maintenance Is Done The Right Way.
Keeping our fleet of service and delivery vehicles in shape is a safety priority for our drivers, technicians and our customers. Standard Oil employs five highly skilled mechanics who check over each truck every day to prevent split hoses or faulty equipment from damaging a home.
A Safety-Oriented Culture.
At Standard Oil we take safety seriously. Every month our drivers and technicians meet for safety training and awareness. Our safety incentive program rewards those personnel who perform their jobs with perfect safety. Our field technician bi-weekly newsletter reinforces our concern for safety. Finally, every 3 months our top managers and hourly employees meet to review our safety record and plan for improvements.
Our Extensive Insurance Coverage Protects You.
Since September 11, insurance rates have skyrocketed for companies involved in the distribution of petroleum. While many local oil companies are dramatically underinsured, Standard Oil carries over $12 million of insurance, covering all service related work, and including pollution liability insurance. If an accident happens, you can be assured that the homeowner's property is financially protected.
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